King Street Public School, Singleton

Our Best Always

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About our school

At King Street Public School preparing our students for a successful future is extremely important. We provide learning and opportunities that cater for a range of talents and strengths. Developing each child's emotional intelligence, resilience and leadership capacity is paramount.

Our teachers are highly trained and are committed to helping all students reach their full potential. We pride ourselves on being an innovative school where staff and students are continuously evaluating approaches to learning to ensure that our programs are cutting edge and addressing the needs of today's learners.

We maintain a strong commitment to multicultural, indigenous and environmental perspectives. Technology is a vital component incorporated into our school curriculum preparing our students for their future schooling and employment.

Our school is a learning community in which everyone is challenged, enriched and supported through growing classroom practices, community participation and strategic management. We ensure that we provide equal opportunities for our students, affirm the shared responsibility of parents, teachers and children for the education of our students, stress the importance of caring relationships and the fostering of mutual respect between all community members and promote academic knowledge, social, sporting and cultural skills through activity and experience.

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