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Welcome to 2023


Welcome KSPS students and families to 2023.

We trust everyone has had a restful, fun and safe holiday break.

Information regarding the commencement of classes and purchase of uniforms is as follows:

  • All students commence classes on Tuesday, 31st January. Kindergarten commence at 10am.
  • Students are not required to purchase book packs or text books. If your Primary student would like to have their own pencils/textas etc, please ensure they are in their own pencil case.
  • Please ensure all school items are labelled - including pencil cases/stationery, lunchboxes and clothing (especially hats and jumpers).


Uniforms can be purchased during the following dates and times:

  • Friday 27th January (Staff Development Day): 9am-12noon (KINDERGARTEN ONLY) and 1pm-3pm (Whole School)
  • Monday 30th January (Staff Development Day): 9am-2pm (Whole School)
  • We ask that families adhere to these times.
  • Uniforms will be available from our school hall - entry via King Street only.
  • Payment options will be cash or EFTPOS.
  • Back to School Vouchers will be accepted.

We have been in regular contact with our new uniform supplier throughout the holidays. The unisex polos and shorts will be delivered and available for purchase on Friday 27th January. However, due to circumstances out of their control, other items, including tunics and skirts, will not be available for a few more weeks.

KINDERGARTEN AND NEW STUDENTS: Please be assured we still have an abundance of tunics and skirts in our current style available (especially small sizes). These items will be available for purchase for $5 each. They are very similar to the new uniform and may be worn all year. We will ensure all new students have a new uniform to commence school.

  • All Kindergaten students will be given a hat on their first day (thank you to our P&C).
  • ALL STUDENTS will be given a new style polo shirt in the first week of school.
  • We would like to remind all families that there will be a change over period of 12 months to the new uniform. Students are welcome to wear the current uniform throughout 2023.
  • The footwear requirement remains black shoes and white socks.

Thank you for your patience during this changover process.

The school office will reopen on Friday, 27th January at 8.30am.