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Canteen and Uniform Shop


The canteen is operated by the P&C and raises money for our school. The canteen provides a wide range of nutritious lunches at a reasonable price, and offers breakfast each morning.

Families are able to place canteen orders via the QuickCliq App.

Alternatively, children order lunch before the morning bell using paper bags available at the canteen or brought from home. The student's name class and order should be written on the outside of the bag. The correct money should be placed inside the bag and dropped in the box on the canteen counter.

QuickCliq website link

How to Register for QuickCliq Canteen Online Ordering


Uniform Shop

To assist with keeping children attired in the correct school uniform the P&C operates a Uniform Shop. The Uniform Shop has the red and blue doors and is located near the Sussex Street carpark.

The Uniform Shop operates weekly. Times and dates are regularly updated on our Facebook page and website.  All uniform requirements are available for purchase, except footwear. Our stock includes new and pre-loved items.


Over the last 18 months the school executive, in consultation with the school parent and student body, have been working to update the King Street Public School student uniform.

This process involved ‘brainstorming’ ideas at P&C and Staff Meetings, holding a parent information and viewing afternoon, consulting with students and conducting many meetings with the supplier.

We are happy to confirm that designs and fabrics have been finalised and the new uniforms have been ordered.


There will be a phase in period of 12 months (2023) where both the updated and the current uniform will be acceptable to wear.


· The polo shirts, shorts, jackets and trackpants are all unisex.

· The jacket is fleecy lined.

· The trackpant has an inside zip.

· The skirt and dress fabric remains the same as our current uniform.

· Sports shirts will be available and will only be permitted to be worn on sports day (Friday).

· There is no change to the hats.


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